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These photos are were taken by me at the Menil Collection - June 1, 2001.
This photos don't do the exhibit justice by any means. Hope you got to see it!
Also, buy the book to see better images of the artwork - Yves Tanguy and Surrealism

You should note that the photos I've displayed here are not of the best quality.
You'll see my reflection in some of them, and some are blurry or off-center.
That's because they're PHOTOS of the art, not the art itself... :)

  menil1.jpg menil2.jpg catalog1.jpg
"Yves Tanguy: Retrospective": 1920s
  Archive of Menil's Exhibit Page Exhibitions/Programs
  Scanned Exhibit Pamphlets Yves Tanguy Retrospective
   (Note: these pages are huge) The Exquisite Corpse
    Menil Collection (general pamphlet)

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